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english for tourism

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Manager:  You are welcome.

Hotel Receptionist: Here you are, sir. I am giving you a double room on the second floor. Will you and your wife please fill in your name and address in the registration book please? Thank you.

Mr. Smith:  Does the room rent include meals?

Hotel Receptionist:  No, sir. Meals are charged separately. Here is your room key. We’ve put you in room 206. The porter will take you bags up to your room. Is there anything else you would like, sir?

Mr. Smith:  No. Thank you very much.

Hotel Receptionist:  It is a pleasure, sir.

Porter:  This way, please.

Mr. Smith:  Oh yes, I forgot to mention. Can we get morning tea at 5 o’clock tomorrow morning?

Hotel Receptionist:  Certainly, sir. We’ll call you at 5 o’clock tomorrow morning, with tea. If you want to eat your meals in the hotel, you can either call Room Service, or come down to eat in one of the restaurants.

Mr. Smith:  Thank you.