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Northern Thai Food | อาหารล้านนา

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This course is adjusted to suit a self-paced learning style.

About the course

Lanna cuisine course includes the following contents: (1) influential factors on and characteristics of Lanna cuisine; (2) the old and current ways to cook each dish; (3) characteristics of Lanna cuisine categorized by cooking methods (à la carte; curries (Kaeng) and soups (Chor); stir-fried, steamed food; spicy salad; chili pastes; roasted, grilled, and fried food; and desserts); (4) seasonings and related culinary terms. Due to a wide variety of Lanna food, this course teaches some selected popular dishes of which ingredients and seasonings are easy to find. The cooking methods demonstrated in this course are aimed at maintaining their original tastes and nutritional values in the food. For example, meat will be added into some recipes for more protein, and shrimp paste or sea salt will be added for iodine.   

Total hours of learning: 10 (The number of hours of the video clips is 3 hours and 30 minutes.)

Learning Objectives:

After learning, learners can tell what influences Lanna cuisine, can explain the characteristics of the cuisine and those of each category of the food, can cook every kind of food and explain related culinary terms.

Qualifications of learners:

Learners should be those who are interested in northern Thai culture (Lanna culture), those who love northern Thai-style cuisine, or those who want to be a cook or to open a restaurant.  In addition, they should be computer-literate.

Evaluation Criteria:

Learners who gain 70% of the total scores or more than that will pass this course and will be awarded an electronic certificate. The criteria are as follows: post-test scores and the scores derived from the assessment of a learner’s cooking skills.

Course Instructors

Course Staff Image #1

 Associate Professor Prayad Saiwichian
 Faculty of Education, Chiang Mai University

Course Staff Image #2
 Mrs. Onanong Sripairoj
 Hotel and Tourism Management,
 Faculty of Business Administration and Science,
 Payap University
Course Staff Image #2


 Ms.Patchara Saiwichian



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